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Coolies make excellent family/companion dogs.  They are extremely intelligent
and easy to train.  You usually only have to show them once or twice what is
wanted.  They are, then, able to complete the  task and retain what has been
taught.  Coolies live to please their master, without being a 'needy' type dog.  
It is easy to teach them an 'off' switch when they are done working,
performing, or just playing in the yard.

The Coolie has excelled in all avenues of the sporting world.  They are now a
top contender as a sports dog in areas of agility, dock-diving, fly-ball and
Frisbee.  They are also making a name for themselves as a Search and
Rescue dogs, as well as Human Remains Detection Dogs.

So, if you need a dog that:
 has a high prey drive without being hyper
 can easily be taught an 'off' switch
 one that is willing to please his master
 highly intelligent
 easy to train
 excellent temperament
 versatile, both in herding and performance
 and an all around great companion

Then, this is the breed of dog for you!!!
"...offering financial assistance to purchase or train a replacement
dog to Search and Rescue Dog handlers who have lost their SAR
dogs through illness, accident or natural causes".  To visit their
website and learn more about how to donate to this worthy cause,
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