d^d - Blue
This pup is a solid dilute black (blue).  
His tan points are being masked by the
allele located on the "K" Locus.
This pup is a dilute black
(sometimes referred to as blue)
with tan point pattern.  
Notice that the dilution gene
has also diluted his eye color
to a slate gray.
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Coolie Stud/Ida Parmer
This gene has an effect on both eumelanin and phaeomelanin.  When in the dominant form, "D/D" or
"D/d", it allows for full color (black or red).  When present in the homozygous recessive form (d/d) it
dilutes black (eumelanin) to blue, and red to cream.  This dilution gene also dilutes the nose leather, eye
rims and lips to gray.  The eye color can be diluted, as well.