Sable is also known as 'dominant yellow' or 'golden sable' in some dog breeds. This results in
an essentially red/yellow phenotype, but the hair tips are black (eumelanin). The extent of the
eumelanin tip varies considerably from lighter sables (where just the ear tips are black, called
"Clear Sables") to darker sables (where much of the body is dark, called "Shaded Sables").
This female is genetically
a black dog.  She is a
clear sable, irish spotted
and is a
cryptic merle.  
He is genetically a black dog, is a
clear sable, extreme pie bald with
ticking and is cryptic merle.
Cryptic merle
These three puppies are sable, piebald and merle.  Click on the pictures to
see the puppies as an adult.  Their color has really changed!
This pup is a sable with irish spotting and he is also a merle,
evidenced by the merling on his tail and ears.  As he
matured, all evidence of his merle pattern faded.  He is
considered a cryptic merle.
This female is genetically a brown dog, as evidenced by the brown nose
leather, eye rims and lips.  She is also a sable with a merle pattern.  Her
merle pattern is only a small spot above her left eye, on her forehead.  Sable
merles are oftentimes hard to detect.
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Sables will sometimes have a caudle
spot on their tail, like this puppy.