Saddle Pattern
Eumelanin is restricted to the back and side regions, somewhat like the tan point pattern ("a^t")
allele, but is said to resemble an English saddle on the back of the dog.  This is primarily a
solid colored dog with tan (phaeomelanin) "points" above the eyes, muzzle, chest, stomach and
lower legs. The hue can range from a pale biscuit to a rich ginger to a golden copper in color.  
Commonly seen in many breeds like Beagles, Basset Hounds, Border Collies, other Collie
breeds and German Coolies.  
This female is genetically a black dog.  
She is irish spotted, saddle and merle
Notice how high up on the legs the tan
coloration is.
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This female is genetically
a dilute black (blue) dog
with the saddle pattern.