Tan points

This is primarily a solid colored dog with tan (phaeomelanin) "points" above the eyes, muzzle,
chest, stomach and lower legs. The hue can range from a pale biscuit to a rich ginger to a golden
copper in color.  Commonly seen in many breeds like hounds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, German
Coolies, and Kelpies.  In breeds that have the Irish spotting, along with tan points, this is known
as "tri" colored (German Coolies, Australian Shepherds and Border Collies).  
This pup is genetically black, tan pointed and is
irish spotted.
She is genetically a black dog with
tan point pattern with a white chest
spot.  Some have confused this
color as a "tri", this is NOT what is
considered a "tri" color.
He is genetically a brown dog.  He is tan pointed
and irish spotted.  He also has a white chest spot.
This male is genetically a black dog.  He is irish spotted,
ticked, and is tan pointed.  His tan points are very hard to
detect.  When in doubt, look underneath the tail; if the
coloration is tan > then he/she is a tan point.
He is genetically a brown dog.  He is
irish spotted, ticked and is tan pointed.  
The tan points are masked by the white
coloration of the irish spotting.  Look
above this eyes and you'll see the tan
pips, indicating he is a tan point.
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